Wars these days aren’t just on cable networks, GoPros strapped on a T-72 Tank in Syria makes a sordid account for the horrors of civil war, and it’s here on YouTube, subtitled and annotated for your skimming pleasure. Highlights in this hour-long video include:

00:15 ᴥ Storming a fortified Rebel stronghold.
11:14 ᴥ BMP & Tanks fire on fortified positions.
18:26 ᴥ Tanks got ambushed on route to a mission
30:54 ᴥ Fire support for the advancing infantry.
33:44 ᴥ Tip † DEATH of a TANK †
42:47 ᴥ Fire support near stronghold..
46:38 ᴥ Protecting BMPs during a supply run.
57:48 ᴥ and thats two

As for a backstory on what’s going on in Syria, I’ll let War Nerd provide the narrative.

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