1. Mario Cuomo, Ex-New York Governor and Liberal Beacon, Dies at 82
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-01-02 at 22:52:24

Mr. Cuomo, a spellbinding orator and colorful personality who flirted with running for the presidency, lived to see his son Andrew follow in his footsteps as governor.

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2. Israeli settlers stone two cars belonging to US consulate staff
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-02 at 21:40:41

US security staff reportedly unholster weapons during standoff in Jerusalem between US consular party and far-right settlers from illegal West Bank outpost  Continue reading...

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3. Cologne cathedral to switch off lights in protest at anti-Muslim march
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-02 at 17:54:35

March by Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West is latest in a series of anti-Muslim protests in Germany Continue reading...

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4. Palestinians deliver to U.N. documents to join war crimes court
     Published by Reuters on 2015-01-03 at 02:23:46

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - In a move that heightened tensions with Israel and could lead to cuts in U.S. aid, the Palestinians on Friday delivered to U.N. headquarters documents on joining the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and other int...

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5. Burnt-out ferry towed to Italy after deadly blaze
     Published by Reuters on 2015-01-02 at 23:50:45

BRINDISI, Italy (Reuters) - Tug boats hauled the burnt-out hulk of a ferry that caught fire off the coast of Greece into a southern Italian port on Friday, opening the way for an investigation into the blaze that killed at least 11 people.

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6. Egypt warned Amal Clooney she risked arrest
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-02 at 20:49:20

Human rights barrister threatened by authorities after exposing same flaws in judicial system that later led to conviction of al-Jazeera journalists Continue reading...

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7. Artistic touch humanises Australia’s androids
     Published by BBC on 2015-01-02 at 04:49:48

Using art to make Australia's androids more sociable

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8. Two Large Pieces of AirAsia Jet Are Found As Searchers Recover 46 Bodies From Sea
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-01-03 at 09:14:05

Officials said that they had identified three of the bodies, but that stormy seas had prevented them from deploying sophisticated sonar equipment.

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11. Bono guitar fears after bike crash
     Published by BBC on 2015-01-02 at 14:45:04

U2 frontman Bono says he fears that he may never play guitar again following a bike accident last year.

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12. Two jailed Al Jazeera journalists seek presidential deportation from Egypt
     Published by Reuters on 2015-01-02 at 23:20:39

SYDNEY/CAIRO (Reuters) - Two of three Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt have applied to be deported under a new law after the country's highest court ordered their retrial but did not free them as their families had hoped.

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13. More Sanctions on North Korea After Sony Case
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-01-03 at 08:12:05

The Obama administration doubled down on its allegation that North Korea’s leadership was behind the hacking of Sony Pictures.

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16. Verdict against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny galvanises opposition
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-03 at 09:55:06

A court has handed Russia’s most prominent opposition figure a suspended sentence and jailed his brother on fraud charges they say are politically motivated. The case will only reflect badly on the Kremlin, writes Mark GaleottiA three-and-a-half year su...

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17. South Australia bushfires: 19 towns told to evacuate immedately
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-03 at 09:55:06

Major emergency declared in South Australia as premier warns of ‘incredibly dangerous fire’ and urges residents to be prepared • Victoria battling worsening extreme fire conditionsResidents of 19 towns in the Adelaide Hills are being urged to leave ...

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19. Lydia Mordkovitch obituary
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-03 at 09:55:06

Charismatic violinist whose native Russia and adopted Britain were strongly represented in her extensive repertoireThe violinist Lydia Mordkovitch, who has died aged 70 of cancer, took a wealth of musical experience from the former Soviet Union via Israel...

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20. Deaths in Iraq show two sides of Iran’s role in sectarian conflict
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-03 at 09:55:06

The funeral this week of a Revolutionary Guard commander killed inIraq showed Iran’s official commitment to its armed forces, whilethe murkier dimensions of Tehran’s growing role in the region’ssectarian conflict have been highlighted by the death o...

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