1. Sony reportedly plans to release Seth Rogen comedy ‘The Interview’ online — for free
     Published by Venture Beat on 2014-12-22 at 02:35:19

Sony is planning to release Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy, “The Interview” for free on its own streaming service Crackle, The New York Post’s Dana Sauchelli reports, citing unnamed sources. A lawyer for Sony Pictures stated on ...

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3. The PlayStation 4 is now $329 at Walmart
     Published by Polygon on 2014-12-22 at 00:05:05

The PlayStation 4 is $329.00, or $70 off its usual retail price, thanks to an offer from Walmart that is good for in-store pickup only.
That means you can order it online, there just has to be one in stock at a location where you can pull up q...

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4. SNL’s Serial spoof gets to the bottom of Santa Claus’ secrets
     Published by The Verge on 2014-12-22 at 00:01:56

It's official: Saturday Night Live has spoofed a podcast, and, of course, it's none other than the hugely popular Serial. Fortunately, the skit is up there with some of the finest work to come out of this uneven season. Cecily Strong pulls off...

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5. Samsung’s super-wide curved monitor makes your PC extra trendy
     Published by Endgadget on 2014-12-22 at 00:48:00

If both ultra-widescreen and curved computer monitors are all the rage these days, then Samsung's new SE790C display is supremely fashionable. The 34-inch, 3,440 x 1,440 LCD has both a super-wide 21:9 aspect ratio and a gentle arc, combining two tren...

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6. 2014 in review: the year that sucked
     Published by Polygon on 2014-12-22 at 03:33:06

I try to be an upbeat person. Negativity is an unattractive quality, so I try to find the good in people and the hope in terrible situations. I may partake in the occasional snark on Twitter, or in the semi-private spaces in which I discuss the...

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7. Watch the first steps of a robot inspired by stick bugs
     Published by Endgadget on 2014-12-22 at 02:53:00

They grow up so fast, don't they? It was just a few years ago that HECTOR the stick bug robot was little more than a twinkle in Bielefeld University's eye, and it's already taking its first steps. Okay, so this isn't quite a tear-jerking moment, but ...

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8. Cadillac will let you replace your rearview mirror with a video feed in 2016
     Published by The Verge on 2014-12-22 at 03:44:02

In 2016, a rearview mirror with a video display built-in will be a standard option on the Cadillac CT6, the carmaker's upcoming flagship sedan. With the wide-angle video feed enabled, the "mirror" will offer a field of view up to four times gre...

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9. The Future Of Biometric Marketing
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2014-12-22 at 03:30:14

 The current smartwatch and fitness device space is stagnant. The offerings and the devices are a commoditized mess with companies competing for the same consumers – with the same features. There must be more available from these devices than j...

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10. NASA Built a $349 Million Test Tower, Then Immediately Shut It Down
     Published by Gizmodo on 2014-12-22 at 02:30:00

Welcome to Reading List, a collection of some of the best digital reads in technology and science. We have stories that take a deep dive into Amazon's ebook empire, a perplexing survey into NASA's $349 million abandoned test tower, an investigation into ...

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11. Madonna: I did not say, ‘Hey, here’s my music, and it’s finished.’ It was theft
     Published by The Guardian on 2014-12-22 at 01:51:04

In an exclusive interview, the singer defends her description of the leak of demos from her new album as ‘artistic rape’ Continue reading...

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12. Living On Bitcoin
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2014-12-22 at 05:18:49

 Contributor Kevin Cruz writes for BitcoinMagazine and so he knows a few things about Bitcoin. But with the help of a BTC to cash service he tried to live for weeks using only bitcoin.

I write for a living and sometimes people pay me in bitcoins.  ...

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13. Snapchat alternatives (and their users) vanish from Windows Phone
     Published by Endgadget on 2014-12-22 at 05:04:00

Snapchat warned that it was clamping down on third-party apps to prevent sketchier examples from compromising your security, and it appears to be making good on its word -- much to the chagrin of Windows Phone users, who haven't had an official Snapc...

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14. Leaked screenshots show Lollipop + Sense on HTC One M8
     Published by Android Central on 2014-12-22 at 00:58:55

New details have surfaced of what Android 5.0 Lollipop and Sense 6.0 will look like together. Screenshots revealed by persistent HTC leaker LlabTooFeR have revealed Android 5.0.1 and HTC Sense 6.0 running on the HTC One M8. The software still looks like ...

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17. New Final Fantasy XV trailer shows off more crazy and weird road trip action
     Published by The Verge on 2014-12-22 at 02:11:02

We've got to be honest: we don't really know much about the plot of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but we're irresistibly drawn to the idea of a road trip movie in a fantasy world. There's just nothing like pulling to the side of the road and ...

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19. Fox News channels go dark on Dish as contract talks stall
     Published by CNet on 2014-12-22 at 00:42:03

The absence of those channels marks the third major blackout for Dish subscribers in recent months.

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20. Google+ Can Now Fix Up Home Videos for You
     Published by Gizmodo on 2014-12-22 at 00:30:43

In May 2013, Google announced new photo features for Google+
  including "auto-backup," "auto enhance," and something perplexingly called "auto awesome." Now, the Google + team is extending some of these abilities to your v...

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