1. Budweiser Is Building A Life-Size Pacman Arena For The Super Bowl
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-01-11 at 03:30:00

Every year, we get to watch a series of commericals interspersed with occasional shots of people running into each other. But for this year's Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser has upped the ante: it's built a life-size Pac-Man game.Read more...

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2. Pining for your iPhone can numb the brain, study says
     Published by CNet on 2015-01-11 at 03:09:21

Technically Incorrect: Researchers from the University of Missouri say that iPhone separation anxiety can cause you to perform poorly on cognitive tests.

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3. This is what it might look like if Reading Rainbow hacked a road sign
     Published by The Verge on 2015-01-11 at 00:02:01

If the 2007 Boston bomb scare is on the scary end of the public signage troll spectrum, this LA road sign manipulation is on the other. As LA Weekly reported, a Los Angeles transportation spokesperson said a curious message that appeared on o...

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4. Curious much? This e-learning site may have the answer
     Published by CNet on 2015-01-11 at 03:26:44

Ever wanted to learn how to cook paella, wrangle HTML code or play the ukulele? Curious.com's mission is to become the go-to site for that.

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5. Check Out The Gigantic Snow Sculptures Made By Three Brothers
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-01-11 at 04:30:00

Think your family tradition of making a snowman with your sibling is cute? Artistic, even, because you stuck a carrot in there, or pushed a couple eyes in? Unfortunately, the Bartz brothers have a Christmas tradition that'll show you just how pathetic yo...

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6. DJI’s Inspire 1 hand-held gimbal brings its flying camera down to earth
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-01-11 at 02:38:00

DJI is perhaps best known for its drones. The company also makes some pretty sweet photography gear. Often, these two skill-sets meet in perfect harmony -- like the 4K camera-toting Inspire 1 video drone. DJI thought it was a shame to keep that new c...

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7. Childish Gambino’s ‘Sober’ music video is a stoner romance
     Published by The Verge on 2015-01-11 at 03:54:05

For most people, Donald Glover is a comedian and actor who happens to have a gift for killer one-liners, which he happens to use on stage under the name Childish Gambino. But maybe his side gig deserves more credit: the new video for his single...

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8. Spotify Makes The Shift To Mobile With 52% Of Listening Now On Phones And Tablets
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-01-11 at 03:05:01

 Why have Apple and Google suddenly gotten so interested in streaming music? Because it could rally people to iOS or Android since mobile is where they listen, according to new stats I’ve attained about Spotify. The company has been telling its...

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9. If the price of giving everyone internet access is total domination by Facebook, it’s not worth it
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-01-11 at 05:35:01

The social media firm’s latest big idea – to allow users in developing nations free net access if they use its app – should be resisted Continue reading...

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10. East of Palo Alto’s Eden
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-01-11 at 03:38:55

 What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? I met Bob Hoover one sunny Fr...

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11. The Four Horsemen Of The Cyber Apocalypse
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-01-11 at 01:30:21

 If 2014 did anything good for cybersecurity, it showed us just how exposed major corporations, governments and militaries are to cyber attacks. From vulnerabilities in our power grids to our cash registers, cyber attacks have become the $400 billion...

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12. How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm This Winter
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-01-11 at 00:30:00

You wouldn't venture nearly naked into the frozen wastes of your neighborhood during the dead of winter just to use the outhouse, so why do you expect your dog to? This winter hasn't been nearly as intense as last year's snowpacalypse, but it's still a ...

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13. Holy Hell, I Had No Idea The LEGO Movie Was So Hard To Make
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-01-11 at 02:30:00

If you've watched The LEGO Movie, you were probably too busy laughing/reminiscing to actually think about the work that went into production. That's a shame, because as this behind-the-scenes clip shows, it takes a lot of effort to make little plastic me...

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14. Canary Launches To Bring The Uber Experience To Medicinal Marijuana
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-01-11 at 01:04:05

 Pot is great. 
Having pot delivered to you, Uber-style, legally, is even better. Canary (not to be confused with the home security system) has launched in Seattle to do just that. Read More

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15. The year of the cord-cutter starts at CES 2015
     Published by CNet on 2015-01-11 at 01:36:10

Dish's Sling TV stole the show with its $20 alternative TV package, but PlayStation Vue is coming soon, Netflix is certifying TVs and just about everybody is streaming. Here are the big home video trends of CES 2015.

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16. B&O launches its first wireless headphones, the BeoPlay H8
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-01-11 at 04:46:00

Bang and Olufsen's main announcement this year is the wonderfully-weird "Moment" home music system. The Danish company had a few other things to show though, and the BeoPlay H8 Bluetooth headphone is one of them. A mixture of cow hide, lamb skin and ...

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18. Jet Is The New Trendy E-commerce Site
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-01-11 at 02:33:07

 If your wallet is still a little light after holiday shopping, Diapers.com founder Marc Lore has got you covered with the launch of Jet.com, a new site that’s managing to get people hyped up about spending money on the Internet (what year is i...

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19. A guide to spotting bright Comet Lovejoy
     Published by CNet on 2015-01-11 at 04:09:28

The first big comet-spotting opportunity of the year is already under way. Here's how to head outside this month to spy a steaming space rock called Lovejoy.

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20. ‘Close but no cigar’ for SpaceX’s try at historic rocket landing
     Published by CNet on 2015-01-11 at 02:14:08

The private space-exploration company successfully sends a cargo capsule off to the International Space Station, but its "reusable" rocket crashes into its floating landing pad in the Atlantic Ocean.

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