Meme culture has seeped into many aspects of discourse these days  – remember when they were called image macros? Memes originated at the internet playgrounds of and, the comedy format is more ubiquitous today, and covers everything, from pop culture to politics, and can be seen in all languages and cultures. Google Pakistani memes, and you’re sure to find a site dedicated to this cultural vein.

Anyone can make a meme. All it takes is a copy of photoshop or an online meme-making app. The key to making a viral meme is to nail the punchline. Catchphrase humour makes that part easy as well. Memes are often made of iconic figures, and it often makes icons out of everyday folks. Ever wonder how these folks feel about becoming a meme? Is it the same as being famous? Not everybody gets to be Good Guy Greg. Ever wonder how it feels to be the center of the world’s derision?

The Desi Forever Alone Guy

Hall of Internet Fame: The Desi Forever Alone Guy

We’re sure you’re familiar with the Rich Delhi Boy Meme, Indian Father Meme, or the one with Aziz Ansari’s face. We bring you a bunch of hilarious memes of Indian origin, these have a timeless quality to them. Has anyone met the Indian Dad or the Rich Delhi Boy IRL? Maybe Indian Dad is a loving father and Rich Delhi Boy is a sensitive soul. Do ping us on our social networks if you do know anyone who became a meme and is ready to do an interview. We’d love to speak to Rich Delhi Boy – over e-mail/Skype. Find them all in this Quora thread.


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