When it comes to state repression, UAE’s leading newspaper ironically Gulf News is right out there on the front line, cheering with pom-poms. What kind of an editorial team would lay down a poll like this?

If caught violating traffic rules, culprits should:
a) Pay a fine
b)Do community service
c)Spend two weeks in jail
d) All of the above

How about comedy option e?
e) Deported after being jailed for 4 years

I’d love to see how many votes option e) would get. As a smoker, I found this article particularly offensive: What kind of a killjoy do you have to be to say such a thing?

I hope the authorities will fully implement the ban as it will benefit not only the public but also the environment.

benefit the environment. Yes! Banning public smoking will save the whales and prevent global warming and ecological deforestation of rainforests.

The Dubai government has taken the right decision. We want a permanent ban on smoking in the UAE.
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Yes! Ban smoking permanently. For everyone. Everywhere. Forever. Problem solved.

The ban is good news. It should also be extended to bus stops, film theatres and beaches.

It should also be extended to roads, cars, office premises, car parks, open air concerts, toilets, homes, and be inclusive of all places with or without air-conditioning.

I thought I’d leave a comment that contrasted the tone here, just to balance the debate:This is a very good move by the authorities as it brings the citizens of Dubai one step closer to immortality. Smokers are an obnoxious and evil bunch and a threat to civilization, I suggest we put dunce hats with “I am stupid” on all smokers who smoke in public places.

I also approve of all societies that curb freedoms of its citizens as much as possible, because my only real joy in life is to see other people miserable. “

But the evil controlling psychotic nazi dogmatic judgemental herd animal editorial team at Gulf News have not published it yet.

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