Judging by the trailer and the awards its been winning, Katiyabaaz seems to be one of the most interesting documentaries from the subcontinent. Set in the industrial city of Kanpur, it a grounded look the war between the state electric board and electricity thieves, facilitated by a Katiyabaaz – an urban badass who is skilled at stealing electricity using illegal wires. Like some kind of urban legend, Loha Singh facilitates the theft, essential for the textile mills there – the bonus is that they get all this power for free. At the other end of the spectrum you have a struggling electricity board KESCO with a female at the helm who’s trying to put an end to this illegal wiretapping, which diminishes its revenues and has to spend more on servicing burnt-out and over-loaded transformers. Who do you think comes out on top at the end of this war, and whose side are you on at the end of it?

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