Adam Curtis makes the best documentaries: I’ve seen the following, and learnt a lot from his history lessons. If you’ve got bandwidth, you owe it to yourself to watch the following:

Century of the Self
Power of Nightmares
The Trap
Pandora’s Box
The Mayfair Set

Andrew Orlowski, ardent wikipedia critic recently interviewed Adam, discussing how the internet has changed media, the loss of confidence among the media elite, .

Adam is very unforgiving of bloggers:

“First of all, the people who do blogging, for example, are self-selecting. Quite frankly it’s quite clear that what bloggers are is bullies. The internet has removed a lot of constraints on them. You know what they’re like: they’re deeply emotional, they’re bullies, and they often don’t get out enough. And they are parasitic upon already existing sources of information – they do little research of their own.”

And critical of the TV elite:

“It started with the Berlin Wall. None of those guys predicted the Berlin Wall would come down. Ever since then it’s been quite clear that most mainstream news journalism has absolutely no idea about what’s really going on. It reports the “factlets” really well, but when it tries to join up the dots, it often leads you into a strange either fantasy world, or simplified world.”

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