Much has been written by many a nostalgia afflicted NRI about the time when they were kids, from jingles, TV shows, movies and cricket. And it’s tough to top writing like this.

I found a really cool link to archives of NewsTrack, a privately run news show that had no channel to back then. They used to sell these tapes on VHS, and were very Tehelka style for their time. I think this was the crew that went on to make The World This Week. I’m not entirely sure of this, but given the format of their programming, it seems so. See how it always ends with an entertainment related bit?

1989 November (90 minutes)
- Rajiv Gandhi: The last 5 years -- inside out.
- Opposition: Election heats -- Politicobatics for opposition leadership.
- N. Ram: Uncovering the cover-up.
- Raj Mohan Gandhi: The Asli-Naqli Gandhi.
- Raj Babbar: Political role-playing.
- Imran Khan: Player or Playboy?

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