YouTube is a great place for learning guitar – it’s probably leagues better than your local guitar teacher, as it lets you pause your lesson at any point, or come back to and old lesson and practice again. Surfed through a few lessons before I stumbled onto Marty Schwartz – he might just be the best guitar teacher on YouTube. Just check out the comments to see awe-inspired newbies thank him profusely. Did YouTube just kill the guitar teacher?

The Epic 101s is a curated list of the best documentaries, movies, videos, and music. Whether you’re living under a rock, or behind a company firewall, or sifting through dreck on your information stream, here’s a remedial list of things that are upworthy, deserving of e-props and analysis. Add the 101′s to your media diet or torrent feed, for a drip-feed of nutritious and enlightening info-tainment.

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