I’d like to distance myself from conspiracy theory nuts who believe that JFK’s assassination was an internal thing, that Bush blew up the WTC on 9/11, and the moon landings were a studio job. I guess there’s a psychological need to believe such things, it’s more of an emotional response than a rational one.
Seriously, the powers that be cannot cover up a blowjob, do you seriously think they’d cover up the assasination of a president, and none of the insiders, who planned it would come out and say it in an age where such a story could get you a million dollar book deal, soon to be a big budget hollywood movie? That too in a land where the voice of dissent isn’t really repressed, where Colbert can openly diss the president.

But it doesn’t stop from a lot of internet nerdlings from voicing such thoughts as facts. The internet is a vast memplex with webpage for every typo and erroneous thought, where information and disinformation is archived forever.

And now Loose Change, this so called documentary is being aired on TV.

Hopefully this will change your mind.

Or maybe this:

Dylan Avery admittedly started the Loose Change project as a work of fiction. It has remained so. A few minutes’ fact-checking easily refutes every major claim in the video. How bad is it? We counted 426 errors in a video that runs for 1:19:32. It is an avalanche of ignorance.

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