No matter how talented you are, you will never have as many Twitter followers as Miss Malini. No matter how hard you work or how many contacts you cultivate, your new blogpost will never have as many clicks as a Buzzfeed post about Priyanka Chopra. You are not a virtual basket of Facebook Likes, even if you do everything right, not everyone is going to like your blogpost, as a matter of fact, if everyone likes it, you are doing something wrong.

You are not how many unique visitors came to your blog, or how many big-name brands you have as premium sponsors on your website. You are not your About Page, you are not your guest blog-posts, all of these things may matter, at some point or another but they do not define you. You are not your hashtags, you are not your retweets that elicited a couple of chuckles on Twitter, that one-liner that nailed the punchline, the hundredth joke about a topical event, looking for bloggable upworthy content, even when you are, you’re not.

In less than a hundred years, every single one of your Facebook friends will be dead, their Facebook wall ravaged by zynga apps and bitstrip comics, so forget the blogs, forget the indie media, forget the Pinstorm 100, forget the Twitter verified list. A good write-up in scoopwhoop.com is nothing compared to a tweetup on your obituary. You are not their sly tweets, snarking on your buzz-building and gratuitous tweetups of crowd-funded side-projects, hashtagged contests and sponsored posts, you are not a Bonzi Buddy hijacking their web-browser, nor are you a god, untouchable in the internet cloud. You are not your content type, whether listicles or animated gifs, and of course, they’re gonna tell you that you are. Cram shock-photo web-content listicles down your throat until you’re drowning in their shallowness, rules and curatorial filters, the haters. The internet galahads, twitter trolls, the A-list, the unelected leaders of this sinking business model – they will submit awful viral content and ask you to share it. They may pay for your sponsored tweets and ask you to share it – and you may actually be good at it. But remember, before everything else, you are a human being sharing web-content with atleast a hundred other human beings. They are waiting for you to blog. So blog. Boingboing is never going to syndicate you, Indieblogger is never going to nominate you, so blog, blog something honest, like you mean it! Like you’re scratching your epitaph on every 3G tower between Mumbai to Las Vegas, between Bangalore and San Francisco, Between Delhi and Moscow, blog about it because none else will, because it is so easy not to – may the content farms do something beautiful with your web content. May someone, somewhere, at some point in the future  find something useful in your blog. May every blogpost have its share, may every hit have a Like! May every hit have a Like.. May every hit have a..


This post was inspired by the spoken word of Guante. Lead pic via modcloth.com

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