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  1. Sophia Vergara making my day

  2. On their wedding day…

  3. Worst “lemon” ever.

  4. What a great life hack!

  5. Dude crashes Ferrari California during a test drive.

  6. That’s rather specific

  7. My friend cleaned up the dance floor after her wedding.

  8. When a Beaver Seduces a Platypus

  9. My little trampoline

  10. Eat the Eight pound burrito and its free! I think I took a year off my life but I killed it.

  11. Worst “lemon” ever. [Fixed]

  12. Hair don’ts

  13. I found him

  14. Right in the childhood

  15. Everyone took each others sisters to prom

  16. Dark humor from Rugrats

  17. Tomorrows Game

  18. I appreciate the honesty, barista..

  19. All the news wants to report on today

  20. German paper ahead of tomorrow’s game

  21. Redneck hood ornament

  22. So my friend fell asleep and I decided to be original and draw something else on him…

  23. The Majestic Bumblebee

  24. This cloud is totally giving me the finger.

  25. Wookie Goldberg

  26. someone put googly eyes on some statues… the last one is my favorite

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