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  1. Googled “easy Halloween costumes” was not disappointed

  2. Scottish women…

  3. I… I think she’s melting

  4. I guess that works too…

  5. Directions

  6. Come on people, get your shit together.

  7. Friend designs a website for a NY politician, they never follow through on the full payment, friend repossesses the website.

  8. The Chosen One

  9. This had to be done. So, Happy Halloween!

  10. Wow. Okay printer. Okay.

  11. Let the conspiracy theories begin

  12. Seriously who the fuck did this

  13. Let’s play spot the Canadian

  14. I feel like he might get pulled over often.

  15. I’ve been sending TPS Reports to everyone’s printers all morning…

  16. It’s usually the reason why

  17. This costume is hot Hot HOT!

  18. If I know Mary as well as I think I do, she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets.

  19. We Must Help Before It is Too Late

  20. ‘Warm notice’

  21. Deepthroat

  22. Traveled to America and got the chance to feed a human.

  23. Frozen was popular this year.

  24. video game chicks

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