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  1. It took me an insanely long time to realize that these were in fact not tiny brontosauruses

  2. Please god. Just this once. Don’t disappoint me.

  3. Saw this on Facebook this morning. Well done, men. Well done.

  4. what women really want in a man….

  5. Akon protecting himself against ebola.

  6. This majestic deer

  7. Looked up “Marine Animals”, was not dissapointed

  8. The bottle has spoken

  9. The underage and pregnant starting pack

  10. I’m embarrassed to say this Is accurate.

  11. The lengths some photographers go to…

  12. The fluffiest of fluffy fluff. Silkie Chickens

  13. How to troll a hipster.

  14. Well that’s a bummer

  15. Anything can be a sexy Halloween costume.

  16. This makes me laugh more then it should

  17. Was looking for a yearbook quote when I came across this gem.

  18. Wise pandas

  19. Just keep walking.

  20. We got our dog a new bed, I don’t think he liked it.

  21. Orange juice

  22. This is why I keep coming back…

  23. Would you? I hope not.

  24. Why does everyone do this?

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