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Life was hard back then

I don’t really know what to post on my cakeday, so here is an old japanese painting depicting humans fighting off a racoon dog with giant testicles.

Fuck the rules


Seems legit…

I signed up for a weightlifting competition that requires a singlet. It has arrived!


Schr?dinger’s Phone

Kanye forgot to bring his lunch.

Sandwich Pride!

This guy.

Sara Jean at Chiller Theater in New Jersey doing a signing, but ALSO getting photobombed by the little kid from Bad Grandpa

My son’s first laptop, complete with the key everyone needs.

Urban Dictionary put me in my place

Never skip leg day.

I laughed harder than I should have…

Hahaha…oh wait 🙁

Banquet has no grasp on how much food an American family eats in one meal.

So I put up some wire to keep the chickens from eating this one plant while they’re out in the yard…

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