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The washing instructions in my new hoodie.

Being a father of two little girls

The picture does fit the description

God damn it Chrome.

I always thought this was funny

Show and tell in Russia

Every Monday morning…

the reason I drink

She almost had it, almost.

My best friends dad in the 80’s

Witty title including obscure reference and satan

Gelato in Rome

The joys of 3D printing…what a time to be alive

To the guy who said his Dad looked like Napoleon Dynamite in the 80s, I present to you my Uncle in the 80s.

Sneak peek at the set of Episode VII

Parents: making facebook awkward since 2005

Saw this derpy guy at the Oakland Zoo yesterday

Saw this on facebook (shots fired)

Ive waited all year for this

Well then.

Too bad taco cat isn’t in a racecar

Handsome squidward at WWE

Pulled up to a red light next to this guy.

We are teaching our 7 month old some basic sign language. He looked at this light, laughed, and signed “milk.”

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