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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield kissing

Whenever he’s near water he runs in and stands like this… I call it T-Rexin’

May the force be with you

That thought when someone comes over unexpectedly…

Kanye West at his best…

Semen joke in Garfield?

An old professor posted this

Best slippers ever

Videobomb like a Boss

Proof that just about anyone can get a job at McDonald’s.

/r/funny in a nutshell

Fires leave the best burns

My buddy drank a little too much the other night… Picasso had already painted his pass out 110 years ago

I am so done with humans

What to expect if you’re going into PR/Advertising/Marketing

Missed by a hare

Let’s see who you really are…

American Horror Story: Raccoon?

I miss the 90’s.

My friends dog on Star Wars day.

How rap has fallen…Kanye vs. Tupac

It’s probably the cocaine.

I gave this advice to my niece at her bridal shower tonight.

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