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  1. Sometimes it just happens. No matter how stupid it sounds.

  2. Why you’re not supposed to swallow gum

  3. Now that Apple owns Beats.

  4. Anyone ever take a fat day?

  5. Because it isn’t a rock concert without someone dressed up as a musketeer!

  6. Carrying in groceries as a kid

  7. I love ukranian cooking shows

  8. My friend just sent me this.

  9. If you understand this, I give you fake internet points

  10. Beware of doorknob thiefs

  11. Reddit.

  12. I pay rent to my parents while living at home. This is how dad asked for rent money today

  13. did things after before they were cool

  14. My JetBlue flight was canceled at 3AM. So I started tweeting them my demands.

  15. Now he’s gonna have carpel tunnel… and not from playing video games.

  16. How I see America this weekend

  17. Baby Godzilla

  18. Holy shit Joel!! Phrasing!!!

  19. She’s missing the D. Literally.

  20. Porn hurts.

  21. *sobs*

  22. My Local Gym

  23. Cards Against Humanity just got RRREEEAAALLLLL dark.

  24. Hollywood, I hate it

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