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  1. Dont worry, the planks can handle it! (xpost from /r/whatcouldgowrong)

  2. My 14 year old pup’s “going for a drive” face..

  3. These two don’t understand bed size.

  4. Something I picked up working in phone support.

  5. Challenge accepted!

  6. Boy George looks just like Sansa Stark

  7. So I looked into this whole “Emu War” business and was not disappointed.

  8. This is what I imagine the FCC lobbying battle looks like

  9. So apparently pirate ship noises are popular on listenonrepeat.

  10. Classic 90’s “white dad” attire

  11. When you receive unwanted nudes…

  12. Sometimes I get bored

  13. Nightmare on aisle 3

  14. Banana for scale? Doesn’t seem to work

  15. This week at my school was spirit week, and today was decades day. I went with the 1350s

  16. well that’s a first…

  17. I misread this truck the first time.

  18. So this actually happened to my mate and I today.

  19. Seems Legit

  20. I’ve found the mark of the beast!

  21. I’ll take a glass of “water”

  22. Got bored. Decided to draw the most normal thing I could think of.

  23. So a friend of mine recently got a china cabinet. He doesn’t own any china…

  24. I’ll see your Snackman and raise you one subway superhero…

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