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  1. Hey mister, can you kick our ball back?

  2. My sister always knows how to make me feel better

  3. Funny anti-smoking advert on a bus in New Zealand

  4. What a shot!

  5. Z is for traumatized

  6. Cannibalism

  7. Yesterday, I went to the movies for the first time in years

  8. I find few vanity plates clever…

  9. Why so lonely, cutie?

  10. Godzilla just met his match

  11. Took an old time photo when I was a kid. Ended up looking like a pimp.

  12. Close, but no cigar.

  13. Way to get my hopes up… sticker on subway

  14. Jennifer Lawrence at it again.

  15. All citizens in this photo are in Blind Spot of these lawmakers and are invisible to them.

  16. we have to go back!

  17. Great way to fake a marriage proposal!

  18. You can’t see the third one…

  19. GOT: This little shit deserved it.

  20. I see your “classic white dad” and “asian tourist dad” attire photos and give you “Classic Black Father”.

  21. I like my lollipop

  22. My friends a teacher and yearbooks just came out. She sent me Montrell.

  23. Thanks satan

  24. Lois speaking the truth

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