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  1. Thanks, CVS!

  2. Jerry whaaa..t are you doing?….

  3. My bank just approved my new personal VISA card design.. gonna spend all my money!

  4. “Too Slow”; Taken from the wikipedia entry on High-Fives

  5. A big mistake is about to be made

  6. Simple but effective

  7. Oops!

  8. Girls who think make-up covers acne? You look like this.

  9. Go home God, you’re drunk

  10. Subtle racism at my school

  11. What goes through my dogs head after yelling at him to stop barking at another dog.

  12. Saw this on the train this morning. Sometimes vandalism is OK.

  13. This is my kind of soup!

  14. Steve Martin just posted this to twitter

  15. My Gynecologist Has a Sense of Humor

  16. I googled “hairstyles for fat guys…” Was NOT disappointed

  17. I lol’ed. 😀

  18. Things you can say about food, but not your girlfriend

  19. It’s official, the world is coming to an end.

  20. So Dominoes is branching out a bit these days…

  21. Bentley’s first fish. He caught it and was so terrified he could barely breathe. It was hilarious.

  22. She’s not interested, bro.

  23. Puberty was hard for everyone

  24. You’ll know she’s ready when…

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