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  1. Pandas, Roll out!

  2. Just received this card.

  3. Impossible beauty standards in Hollywood. We need to stop putting up with this

  4. I too was once a child predator

  5. deep frying safety tip

  6. This is the photo Facebook decided to use to show that today is my wedding anniversary. That’s my wife dancing. I’m on the far left.

  7. Simple Logic

  8. Ladies, single file line……

  9. Speeding. What’s your excuse?

  10. Busted.

  11. Today would’ve been my dad’s 70th birthday. Some of my Facebook friends don’t get my sense of humor.

  12. Pornhub Ad Campaign Finalists [Album

  13. The most majestic selfie

  14. My cousin left her shopping list out around her male friends. They added a few things.

  15. Not a single fuck given

  16. The King of Sass

  17. One of my employees (a delivery driver who’s black) sent me this a while back and said ” Y’all motherfuckers dispatched me to the wrong neighborhood.”

  18. James Franco celebrating the start of summer.

  19. My cat was shaved for surgery and has been staring at me like this ever since…

  20. It isn’t sitting well with my stomach though

  21. Upgrading Woman

  22. This woman looks like the person behind the camera is pointing a gun at her

  23. Always wear protection.

  24. It’s my cake day for 30 more minutes and I’m panicking so here’s a picture of this dog standing on some cheeseburgers!

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