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  1. Man poses with trophy kill

  2. That name…

  3. Day 9: My manager still hasn’t noticed

  4. My amazing girlfriend dropped this line on me

  5. How I Feel Living With A Couple

  6. Pffft, women! Amiright?

  7. My dad has this picture on his office wall.

  8. The bathroom in this truck stop said out of order, the owner said I can use it anyway.

  9. And… It’s clean

  10. When I walked out of the bathroom at Dunkin’ Donuts

  11. Seen on a college campus

  12. Dick

  13. That “smooth” kid that gave the foul ball to the lady sitting behind him… we were all lied to.

  14. Talking about old friends…

  15. Meanwhile at Walmart….

  16. I just want to be his friend

  17. Classic Slenderman

  18. Ah, the high school days.

  19. How most internet arguments start.

  20. Marbles

  21. Yeah I saved the goat! FUCK

  22. Oh, irony, you never fail. (Senior quote I found in my yearbook.)

  23. I’ve made a huge mistake…

  24. Lookin’ good!!!

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