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  1. my friend’s toilet food for lunch in japan

  2. But, but mickey. …

  3. For my 1st Cake Day I offer my feelings (by way of my favorite Simpsons Quote)

  4. Safety First

  5. So my sister got her license today

  6. This kid is banned from taking public exams for 5 years because of this selfie.

  7. That church is such a hole in the wall

  8. My boss drew this for me yesterday to “clarify some things” we talked about in a meeting.

  9. As a father of two girls, this had to be done.

  10. “Verified email”

  11. This photo bomber…

  12. Got my wedding invitation in the mail. I can’t decide over picking the carnitas or children.

  13. I think I’ll just sit here

  14. I work at Target and all of the empty boxes were going missing. I think I found them.

  15. Heh.

  16. Friendzone

  17. Doctor said I would have trouble holding bottles with my cast. I improvised.

  18. Scumbag dog

  19. One of my favorite Season 1 moments of Psych.

  20. Shoutout too all the girls on Instagram

  21. Sorry I’m late.

  22. Some kid at my high school sent out the snap chat of the year.

  23. Can’t think of a better way to relax after a long day at work

  24. Some guys from my hall snap chatted me- took me a second…

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