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  1. So I saw this on my Facebook feed…

  2. How it should be dealt with.

  3. This is carter. Hes now on the front page, of a Danish news outlet.

  4. Carter in Danish newspaper: “Banana-boy makes the internet go crazy”

  5. Bitch Please.. Its My Ball

  6. I think Gotye just drove past me or perhaps it was just some car that I used to know.

  7. So I met this dude at a party

  8. Introducing the mayor of friendzoneville

  9. Stop it!

  10. When you’re high everything is a mission

  11. Milton Friedman on the Drug War

  12. It’s great to see families get enthusiastic about baseball!

  13. Just saw this in my hometown …

  14. This is… Advanced stupid

  15. This is so true

  16. I think I discovered my new favorite font while typing up my final paper

  17. My favorite picture, ever!

  18. It’s just so mean.

  19. Well that sucks..

  20. I can’t even……

  21. Do not print labels unnecessarily

  22. Saw this at Six Flags today…

  23. Noooo, come back.

  24. My local alarm company’s sign

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