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  1. Where is your God now ?

  2. Clean job

  3. kitten falls asleep while drinking

  4. puppy

  5. Marijuana

  6. Why Batman doesn’t smile

  7. Parents received these in the mail yesterday…

  8. Inspiration

  9. A very important message from Ann Coulter

  10. You thought it was those puppies again

  11. One of my favorite scenes from American Dad!

  12. Race to the Front page!

  13. This is what happens when dad shops at Costco without mom.

  14. Not so thorough now, huh?

  15. My friend was complaining about how sad GoT is when his favourite characters keep getting killed.

  16. Am I doing it wrong?

  17. Hey, guess what.

  18. ladies, please..

  19. Finally got a decent camera. The investment is already paying off.

  20. First look at Ben Affleck’s new Batsuit, Batmobile and sidekick

  21. His first dad joke

  22. Bears fucking love cocaine

  23. She raised a good point but…

  24. This Pomeranian apparently got so upset with his new haircut that he started standing and walking around on his hind legs after he got back from the groomers…for 2 days.

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