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  1. Whenever the OP says something stupid in comments

  2. I’m half Asian, half Australian.. this is how I feel when I travel home to see the family..

  3. Pandora Knows the Lyrics

  4. Carter has done some shit.

  5. Dude – Look What I Got

  6. The sadness of how true this is

  7. What do you mean you wont take my money?

  8. Take your pills as prescribed by your doctor.

  9. Went on vacation and came by to a lawn on my desk…

  10. Oh you thought you were going to be a douche box and take up two parking spots in your “new” Escalade? Hahaha I got this.

  11. This is Carter! I guess he’s internet famous now

  12. Was looking for a picture of Cartman, found this.

  13. I think of this every time

  14. I’m a teacher and I was out today. A fellow teacher at the school sent me this. The sub wrote her entire name out before realizing she was writing on the wall and not the whiteboard.

  15. Why you little…

  16. I am the batman

  17. Boner Hiding Strategies Circa 1994

  18. My son brought this book home from school today for reading.


  19. Life Hacks for Dogs… Bark Yeah!


  20. My seven-year-old cousin is planning her own comedy show


  22. Jay-Z after the elevator fight

  23. This is MY hydrant

  24. How I feel working on my “group” project

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