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  1. TIL Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell have a child

  2. Ok, I reckon installing a chocolate fountain outdoors on a windy day may have been a shitty call…

  3. When have you EVER identified a problem for me?

  4. This guy does not need Google.

  5. Reigning 2011 Hide and Seek Champion

  6. Time for Breakfast

  7. So I work at this publishing company…

  8. I’m glad to see businesses finally making options available for everyone’s needs

  9. Reasons to like France

  10. Found this as the local market

  11. I was top comment earlier on a post about a llama in Machu Piccu. You guys sent me a bunch of funny llama pics as replies, so I compiled them all into 1 album. Enjoy!

  12. No, THIS is the most 90’s thing that has ever existed

  13. This shit

  14. My baby cousin’s got a way with words

  15. Well my dream of owning a marshal stack finally came through

  16. The minivan

  17. Justin is a life saver

  18. My first thought was, “I hope that guy got a deal on a misprinted shirt.” My second thought was, “I’m an idiot.”

  19. And the not my fucking job award at Disneyland goes to…

  20. All this talk of llamas has me seeing things in my beer foam

  21. According to Google, This can’t fail.

  22. I feel bad for laughing at this…

  23. Accurate.

  24. ‘Stralian Revenge

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