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  1. Sooo… Incest?..

  2. Salary idea from Jon Stewart

  3. How police in Sweden takes down the badguys

  4. Recycling.

  5. We never really wanted them smaller after all

  6. Here’s What Middle-Aged Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Look Like

  7. Science vs Engineering vs Liberal Arts vs Those Who Work

  8. Mr. Bean did it first

  9. My wife just started in IT. I’ve been IT for years. My reaction when she told me a user called in an emergency…because they plugged in a USB device into an ethernet port.

  10. “But that’s rape”

  11. Took a selfie with a moving train, and was thoroughly satisfied.

  12. Do you even hipster, bro? (“Pick a subject, pick a price, get a poem”)

  13. Common Sense

  14. Me watching the Brasil v Germany game

  15. All Germans Now

  16. Hey brazil I know your are a bit tired and thirsty. Here I got you one of this

  17. ohh no mr Trophy

  18. I am a real clown too!

  19. I’m betting its a public garage too.

  20. Bath time can be hard on any parent.

  21. Times were tough before the GoPro

  22. A family friend of mine, shook hands with Obama while wearing a horse mask.

  23. Pornhubs comments about the Brazil v. Germany game today.

  24. I need context…

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