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  1. Know your bites

  2. Reddit in a nutshell

  3. 10/10 would go inside.

  4. My dad the Australian Locksmith

  5. The Hidden Ball Trick

  6. A Young Hero, 7 Year old Rita Lawlor is credited with saving her mother’s life. When she couldn’t wake her mom up, she took action.

  7. You’re playing a dangerous game there…

  8. I’m listening…

  9. All that and more on this week’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!

  10. My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother

  11. Kevin Bacon bacon

  12. Very appropriate license plate.

  13. Guess I have to go ring shopping

  14. I have been playing Draw Something worth my brother for over a year. He has a…creative imagination. Here are some of my favorites I was able to save.

  15. Remember?

  16. That feeling when you don’t know what to do with your hands…

  17. Rule 1

  18. there was a bee in my car. ……

  19. Cooking advice from YouTube

  20. Aw, Even Hillbilly’s Are Romantic!

  21. Tom Hanks with a swing and a miss.

  22. Been caught stealing

  23. Guys… I found it.

  24. Beards can either make you or break you.

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