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  1. Thief level: 99

  2. yo, dis shit is cold

  3. Top View,Front View, Side View

  4. Perhaps all terms and conditions are like this and we just never notice

  5. The real reason he is called Superman.

  6. Push Me!

  7. Ok, I guess I can figure out something else to put in there.

  8. Managed to find Bender’s email on a Futurama episode. I emailed him and this was the reply

  9. An internet friend faceswapped me and my dog…

  10. I laughed way too hard to this

  11. He outmimed the mime

  12. Whenever all my links are purple

  13. Mount Saint Helen? I’d be glad to!

  14. A squirrel stole my burrito and I aint even mad

  15. scrolling facebook… not sure if she notices or has no idea

  16. What they do at Papa John’s when they are bored…

  17. Norway’s flag hides 6 other flags from 6 other nations. It’s 7 nations if you count Norway.

  18. Granny Smith

  19. Tasered

  20. face swap you say?

  21. Is it even on?

  22. My friends birthday is on Canada day.

  23. I lied

  24. Have you heard the news?

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