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  1. My buddy serving in Afghanistan may be losing his mind out there. Happy Independence Day America!

  2. Brace yourselves for another day of stupidity

  3. Shhhh it’ll all be over soon

  4. On the way to airport

  5. Some people are just lazy

  6. Wanna go outside?

  7. Comic Book Guy could work at Gamestop or Pawn Stars

  8. Jude Law has been flirting with Bear Grylls’ wife all day at Wimbledon. Bear’s face says it all…

  9. Happy MURICA day everyone.

  10. Hello there Shawn

  11. With all this talk about gun control…

  12. Asked for a cheap lighter..

  13. Phallic Graphic Designer Prank

  14. I’m crushing your head

  15. Google Maps Street View is dead serious about privacy

  16. What if Southerners put the only Confederate flag that mattered on the back of their trucks?

  17. So my father in law just drank this. His parents had it in the fridge

  18. Stay Classy, Newport Beach

  19. meow.

  20. What a really cool shirt!

  21. Don’t tell me to chose Wisely…

  22. Master trickster

  23. IT problems

  24. Somebody help!

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