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  1. It doesn’t quite work like that…

  2. People that look like their names…

  3. In response to the FOX anchors: The diversity of Sky Sports News (UK)

  4. This happened this morning

  5. My friends dog….just hanging out.

  6. Why I will never understand women…

  7. Le Gogh

  8. Haley Joel Osment’s face never grew, only his head.

  9. Gamers Logic and mine too 😀

  10. The Ooops moment 😛

  11. Funny how 40 yrs later, the clouds are still in the same spot

  12. Somebody sure had fun here

  13. Saw this when I was in the hood

  14. Obama’s recent bold tweet

  15. Meanwhile, in Mexico…

  16. The best kiss cam

  17. Don’t die a virgin. Seriously.

  18. Caught white handed

  19. Not everyone is happy about my new label maker.

  20. Every white dad on the 4th of July

  21. Did you know?

  22. Happy 238th birthday USA.

  23. It started somewhere……

  24. I don’t know EA… How much?

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