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  1. As someone having crohns disease this is the truest statement

  2. People are taking this Tim Howard thing a bit too far…

  3. I Have No Idea Why I Found This So Funny

  4. Soon…

  5. My whole life has been a lie. Its just rubbish at the end of the rainbow.

  6. Rule #1 of Linkedin: Don’t add your friends.

  7. “Praying Hands” candle found in store in Memphis.

  8. It looks like our unit of measurement has been compromised.

  9. One of the hottest women

  10. My power washer looks like Mike Wazowski

  11. We all have our dumb moments.

  12. Instructions unclear: dog stuck in shirt.

  13. When my wife sends me on a Starbucks run.

  14. My favorite scene from “Orange Is The New Black”

  15. Found mighty mouse today and he showed me gravity is more opinion than law.

  16. I guess on the bright side, nothing like this has happened during sex.

  17. If it fits I sits, pig edition.

  18. Got a picture message from a wrong number last night. Felt this was the only way to respond.

  19. This was a “hard” deal to pass up

  20. Fuck this tree in particular

  21. I found a timelapse of a Twinkie going bad.

  22. The diversity of Fox news anchors.

  23. Am I too late to the Tim Howard saves?

  24. So mum bought a new flannel

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