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  1. Guess who showed up at my nieces birthday party?

  2. Girlfriend sent this after I’d left for work. That is not my cat.

  3. A guy sent his friend an email of him holding his middle finger up, saying it was something else. How his friend replied is the burn of the century.

  4. So why is that then?

  5. This guy is going places.

  6. Every 10 minutes after drinking heavily

  7. Good tip

  8. Dreaming with plastic surgery…

  9. Get direct tv…. (too soon?)

  10. Adult Toys

  11. A new start? Oh wait … oh god no.

  12. Play with the baby bears they said, it will fun they said

  13. Peter Dinklage

  14. i fucked up…

  15. My bachelor party had some amazing scenery

  16. Who else is guilty of this?

  17. Classy Florida bathroom

  18. I think you forgot something here

  19. Worst thing to say in prison

  20. There is two kinds of people…and the two happen to be twins.

  21. My new work ID

  22. Sprint Customer Service

  23. Twerkin’ it

  24. Mini-Melon Master

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