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  1. I feel bad for laughing

  2. I challenge you to find a more terrifying sight than a cat wearing tights..

  3. Thanks, Chrome!

  4. Back at it..

  5. Favorite King of The Hill moment

  6. Photobomb level : Bill Gates

  7. In Texas, this needs to be defined.

  8. I’ve been fitting in the same jeans for a decade now!

  9. Every American today

  10. What is your greatest weakness?

  11. Googled “funny tombstone” and was not disappointed.

  12. For all Monicas out there

  13. Rude Goldberg Machine

  14. Wu-Tang Flan

  15. When my girlfriend is in a bad mood…

  16. Defence

  17. McCorgi – It’s extra funny because she’s blind and doesn’t care that she’s wearing it.

  18. USA soccer team group photo after today’s game

  19. The Secret Life of Walter Kitty

  20. Yeah, why is that?

  21. Not even remotely suspicious

  22. A please will suffice

  23. We can improve him. We have the technology. [X-post /r/FuckingWithNature]

  24. When did Nicholas Cage start modeling for the carnival rides?

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