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  1. The pinnacle of food has been reached

  2. Our song is on the radio

  3. Well that was unexpected

  4. I would like to see Canada

  5. Everybody loves a bit of Kaley Cuoco

  6. Mom? What the fuck are you doing?

  7. The final moments of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

  8. McDonald’s by my house. Every time I read it, it’s with an accent.

  9. Majestic creature from the ice planet Hoth

  10. …Eleven tops…

  11. A great analogy for computer viruses

  12. Hi, I’m Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Welcome to “Jackass”

  13. Denied

  14. I love it when this happens in comment sections

  15. Need a new license plate?

  16. The best deal i’ve ever seen on amazon!

  17. I laughed at this then realised I was covered in lonely people glitter 🙁

  18. I came for a lawyer and left with a great advice for free.

  19. I fucked up

  20. Shaq tweeted this today…

  21. Works every time

  22. How to finger a girl

  23. Nice try indeed and always on a saturday nonetheless!

  24. Addiction

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