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  1. I’m amazed at how good vine people are at telling stories in 6 goddam seconds

  2. Because why not ?

  3. The gnat funeral

  4. Olivia Wilde

  5. Human, I am no coffee table!

  6. Appropriate shirt

  7. Please help me……..

  8. Philosophy Major

  9. I should take lessons at this karate studio.

  10. I messaged 50 random people on Facebook with a painting of their profile picture, replacing them with sloths. Here are the results..

  11. When did Subzero become a hockey referee?

  12. When you poop on yourself, you get a bath.

  13. This dog’s asshole looks like jesus

  14. Nearly inhaled my coffee this morning.

  15. Bad Day At Work.

  16. Passing this zoo sign, I start laughing but no one in my family seemed to get it at first.

  17. Keep it classy Tucson, AZ

  18. Dick benefits…

  19. Passed this guy on the highway.

  20. Finally got a cat!

  21. Took this picture at the perfect time ?

  22. Robben ball

  23. Friend sent me this. Said it made her wanna watch star wars again

  24. Mug shot reflects it

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