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  1. The Internet

  2. The calm before the storm.

  3. Amish Rake Fighting

  4. Live. Die. Repeat.

  5. Parking: Nailed it.

  6. Cats are assholes

  7. Because calling it puffy gloving is just wrong

  8. Our top story today

  9. Ctrl X, Ctrl V

  10. Posted this on my fb…quickly deleted…I’m mortified.

  11. Ctrl+Z

  12. Einstein was right all along

  13. Death on a date

  14. I like this girls style

  15. TACO

  16. The most poetic graffiti I’ve ever seen in my High-school’s bathroom stalls.

  17. My buddy and I added this sticker to his brother’s Saturn Vibe. No he is not a raiders fan. (Wait for it)

  18. My wife told me to send her a naughty picture whilst I was out of town…

  19. So you are saying this new technology is making us antisocial

  20. Truly Spectacular GIF (when you see it)

  21. I am so sneeky

  22. What do you see?

  23. every tux for prom had a note from an elementary schooler in it…..

  24. I work at a car dealership. Every now and then we’ll get some interesting trade in’s.

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