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  1. Found these in my local grocery store. I find myself disappointed in people.

  2. Found this in my hospital stairwell.

  3. This gif always makes me laugh!

  4. Enjoying the beauty of nature when…

  5. The big question of the commonwealth games.

  6. My new housemate doesn’t know that for the last 6 months I’ve been secretly recording every one of the nicknames he has claimed to have been called back in high school.

  7. Daydreaming

  8. Reddit comments section in a nutshell.

  9. I got called a moron I’m also getting sued.

  10. Found this in a women’s magazine circa 1985. Seems like a questionable mother-son relationship.

  11. No one wanted this coke…

  12. He’s got them moves like jaguar

  13. Poor choice of words

  14. Worth a shot

  15. Banned from r/ConfusedBoners

  16. Sewage Truck

  17. The resemblance is astounding

  18. “You’re gonna get it tonight, dad…”

  19. Some more Michael Scott gold!

  20. The dog is a natural gardener.

  21. I aged my breakfast 60 years with an aging app.

  22. So that’s what they’re doing!

  23. Church Gang-bangers!!!

  24. Shaun of the Planet of the Apes

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