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  1. Well… shit.

  2. MRW i walk into a yoga studio and there is a ladies class going on

  3. Apply some ice to that burn

  4. The last comment

  5. Might wanna rethink that one…

  6. Get your hands off my sister!

  7. “Playin’ my way downtown…”

  8. This dude knows how to festival

  9. Still poop

  10. So this happened on my way to work today

  11. More selfies drawn by strangers

  12. My cousin just posted this picture of him in 1990.

  13. This laptop takes a picture of whoever wakes it up

  14. My boss jokingly claimed to be a Brony so we decided to go all out for his birthday.

  15. Nope.

  16. Maybe I’m reading it wrong…

  17. Neil deGrasse Tyson knows how to solve all of the world’s problems

  18. So opened my grill to this, not sure if I should still grill or not.

  19. He just sat there… And stared.

  20. Yep.

  21. The south is strong with this one.

  22. Couldn’t go to Comic-Con so we made our own at home

  23. Writing on paper… I want to do it too!

  24. Nutella Prank

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