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  1. Three best friends =)

  2. first time through car wash

  3. I’m not entirely sure why, but I have an overwhelming urge to buy this

  4. Thank you Siri

  5. Someone made an action figure of The Rock’s lesbian lunch lady cosplay

  6. Apology Accepted

  7. Well if she says so…

  8. It’s a wine holder…

  9. Five months after surviving a traumatic brain injury, my little brother is all ready for his neuro-psych evaluation (x-post from /r/pics)

  10. Nathan Fillion.

  11. Accurate Deadpool cosplay

  12. skater cat

  13. They should reconsider their website positioning

  14. The anti what?!

  15. When you’ve made it and you just don’t give a fuck anymore

  16. At least we know why he has that handicapped license plate

  17. Where I’d Want to Be During an Earthquake

  18. Everything leaks at his age…..everything

  19. I got cockblocked on the way home today.

  20. get a boyfriend

  21. Representing since 1983.

  22. Me calling Dominoes tonight:

  23. Any Drugs or Alcohol?

  24. Scumbag fast food restaurant seats

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