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  1. This dog is so supremely happy about that chicken nugget he’s about to catch

  2. Priorities

  3. So Trippy [xpost /r/YoutubeComments]

  4. I added some hops to my beer

  5. …he’s right behind me isn’t he?

  6. Canada

  7. Hide and seek master.

  8. Sometimes I get a really stupid idea and I have to draw it.

  9. Beavis and Butthead still have it

  10. Evil Mastermind

  11. Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?

  12. Monty Python and solicitors

  13. My friend posted this on Facebook: “My neighbor is acting a little strange. Should I be concerned?

  14. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing

  15. I got this shirt at an event sponsered by Dr Pepper

  16. IKEA job interview.

  17. Acid trip

  18. I miss RvB

  19. What the hell are we drug testing a janitor for?

  20. My buddies golf bag. For some reason I don’t believe it…

  21. Looks about right

  22. Good strategy for my next relationship, no?

  23. I think I figured out how Lil Wayne writes his songs.

  24. Kids are growing up so fast these days.

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