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  1. We only have one ball.

  2. To the OP whose dog wouldn’t move…

  3. If only it was that easy Amazon.

  4. This family’s so ginger, they just make standard bread houses around Christmas time.

  5. Never let your bridesmaids go strapless

  6. Ladies, please be respectful…

  7. Not so Smart Car

  8. Husband Makes Spreadsheet Of Wife’s Sexual Rejection… Wife Posts It Online

  9. This always makes me laugh.

  10. Men, follow this flow chart.

  11. How the Google Plus marketing team thinks

  12. My Genius Dog Everyone

  13. Toughest fork on earth.

  14. Coordination

  15. Horseplay

  16. Would you please photoshop out the cows from the photo?

  17. Let’s go for a walk, bitch

  18. In the old days, this is what an up-vote looked like.

  19. After a night of fairly heavy drinking, I woke up to find I took a very unnecessary cab ride… Thank you Uber for rubbing it in my face with the detailed map….

  20. Internet joke

  21. Nopefish

  22. My dad loves me

  23. These F*cking reposts.

  24. It’s probably a repost. I still found it funny.

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