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  1. The First Person To Successfully Dance to Dubstep

  2. Helpful British Police Help Fat Man Out Of His Trousers

  3. Buy Bacon (found outside my local butchers)

  4. Here’s how a single shoe can ruin a family photo

  5. Careful how far you go down Temperance Street

  6. Whoever said healthcare in Canada is free is full of crap

  7. I know where I’ll be when the apocalypse comes…

  8. Wife left a note saying she left some french toast in the pan for me. Was disappointed

  9. I bought a Dinosaur and named him Gnarls Barkley, these are his adventures.

  10. The dry-cleaner on Friends has another job

  11. Remember to take her for swimming

  12. Sex ed questions in an Indian newspaper.

  13. How to utilize the women’s bathroom in a shop full of guys.

  14. Kid Rock and Eminem faceswap

  15. He has a point.

  16. You’re an asshole

  17. Found my roommate and his cat like this…

  18. badass of the year

  19. It’s the only acceptable method outside of baking them into things.

  20. But.. I love her 🙁

  21. Possibly one of the best C&H

  22. Here we have one of the few remaining albino of it’s species in its natural habitat.

  23. Proof that Facebook is racist (I’m Chinese)

  24. Panhandler FTW! (xpost r/Pensacola

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