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  1. Thanks Bing

  2. A piece of Star Trek inspired graffiti.

  3. The only explanation I can come to when I see all these reposts making it to the front page.

  4. Dog Astronaut onboard Station

  5. I like my beans like I like my women!

  6. Went for lunch at work, found this on the fridge.

  7. Riches, Poland

  8. Friend uploaded this ‘cute’ photo of him and his dog. I don’t think he realised.


  10. People post selfies, other people draw them

  11. FIGHT MODE ACTIVA–…. Fuck you.

  12. Relatively speaking

  13. What kind of pose should I do?

  14. I want…no…I need this shirt.

  15. It’s sad that my cats will starve to death.

  16. This is all too true

  17. Me hanging out with myself in my cover picture

  18. At the end of the night when I start ordering shots

  19. The service guy came in to unclog our toilet today. He left an excellent service message.

  20. Shopped Stills From Action Movies, with Guns Replaced w

  21. Damn dog

  22. Cheap meat!

  23. Yes, there’s such thing as a fucking hot dog toaster.

  24. My friend posted this on Facebook with the title “The moment you realize you used lip balm instead of the glue stick to seal 60 wedding invitations.”

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