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  1. Uh..Just keep on walking, no one saw.

  2. A random message I just received from another xbox live gamer … or perhaps myself?

  3. Scott Pilgrim gets it right

  4. I also met Misty

  5. Canadian Street Gangs.

  6. Not your every day elevator sign…

  7. Sometimes, I get a little bored…

  8. A good attitude.

  9. Damn Majora’s witnesses!

  10. Passive-aggressive Christians

  11. With all this hot weather in Ireland,this is how I feel being a ginger.

  12. He finally found her!

  13. These kids and their Civics with ridiculous spoilers need to stop

  14. Brought a water bottle of vodka to the office today for a pregame I’m attending later tonight. When to get it when suddenly…

  15. Sex is no accident

  16. How it feels when I see a problem arising right as I’m leaving work for the day.

  17. Didn’t I say you were grounded?

  18. The new Shredder looks like the Iron Throne as a transformer

  19. Perfect metaphor for my life.

  20. Seems legit.

  21. Just driving along when suddenly…

  22. Driver mugged by a passing motorcyclist

  23. Day 9, no managers have noticed.

  24. I was taking a nice walk when I saw this and screamed

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