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  1. Tired of your shit grandma

  2. I asked for a bacon burger at MAX , this is what I got

  3. 14-year-old boy wanted to know if John Cleese had a fan club. This was his reply.

  4. Homer knows best

  5. You’re not from here, right?

  6. How did I live without this?

  7. Are you lonely?

  8. New Vietnamese restaurant opened in town. I see what you did there…

  9. I work at a summer camp and this was one of my camper’s post cards he sent home.

  10. Looks like Yoda got a job with my local internet company

  11. Look at me……look at me…..look at me

  12. The Rock in The 90’s vs. The Rock today…

  13. Car wash

  14. Tupacabra? 50Centaur? Try Jay-Zebra

  15. When I take beach pics…

  16. Getting real tired of your shit, box…

  17. My new favourite t-shirt arrived today

  18. My bowling trophy from 1991.

  19. My kind of bar

  20. Best outcome to a wrong text.

  21. The dog slept through the rain and left an imprint on the deck.

  22. Am I doing this right?

  23. So I found a stray Dogg at work today…

  24. Anna Kendrick on r/gone wild!

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