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  1. I present you the World’s most fun playground

  2. Freedom

  3. Married my stalker.

  4. We are not trained for this

  5. Luis Suarez arrives in Barcelona

  6. Son, your new tutor is here!

  7. That moment when, your daughter walks into the lounge room an hour after you’ve put her to bed.

  8. Why you shouldn’t fall asleep at the beach

  9. [OC] You know what people with skills love? Being taken advantaged of.

  10. Playing Cards Against Humanity, when…

  11. Illeagle immigrants

  12. Artist re-draws own doodles 20 years later

  13. Local strip club sign. Diet starts today!

  14. Canadian bumper sticker.

  15. /u/unidan in it’s natural habitat..

  16. Friend posted on Facebook being against Immigration reform…another friend responded with this.

  17. And with a pinch of salt.

  18. At the DMV

  19. These bots are starting to get interesting.

  20. I’m going to assume that someone in my apartment complex just discovered the internet. No more rewinding!

  21. Was cooking pasta when suddenly cookie monster

  22. The bug mockery escalated quickly.

  23. I’m browsing Amazon Prime’s Action/Adventure category when suddenly…

  24. Concrete block has seen some shit.

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